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About Our School

The primary activity of Northwest Academy of Sciences is to operate a School of Mathematics for children whose educational needs are not served at other schools in the community. Overall, the School is organized using educational ideas and principles of Russian mathematical circles. We present formal instruction of mathematical theory with strong emphasis on formal mathematical proofs of theorems and building a subject area up from basic axioms. The regular curriculum includes classes in Geometry, Logic, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Game Theory, Probability Theory, Combinatorics, Math Analysis, Topology, Metric Spaces, Problem Solving, and some other areas of mathematics.

NAS also runs the School of Programming, where we emphasize teaching the art of programming – proper programming techniques, algorithms, elements of mathematical theory. We have also offered classes in physics and computer architecture.

Our teachers are highly qualified individ9uals who have a lot of past experience with Mathematical Circles and programming. Most of them have been students at schools like ours in the past, and successfully competed in Mathematics and Programming Olympiads. All our teachers are the enthusiasts who are devoted to quality education and enjoy it. We expect strong interest and commitment from our students and their parents.

Our school is located in Seattle, on the Eastside. We operate our classes in a few different locations in Kirkland and Redmond.

Our History

Our school started in 2002, as a Mathematical Circle. It was organized  by a group of parents and teachers who wanted to provide children with quality education in mathematics and the social environment that rewards academic achievement and encourages free thought. As number of our teachers and students grew, we have started another Mathematical Circle for the younger students. In 2006, Northwest Academy of Sciences was formally organized as a non-profit school.


Our classes are held weekly during the school year. We have several classes for the students of different levels and ages.
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In the 2010-2011 school year, several new math circles are to be open at the Eastside. These circles are for students in grades 4-5 and in grades 6-8. For the additional information, check the Prime Factor Math Circle web site.