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Galaxy's Edge

Galaxy’s Edge is an exciting new board game from ASSA Games.

In Galaxy’s Edge, you are a flagship commander of one of the great galactic superpowers, navigating the fringe of the known galaxy in an effort to claim and colonize the many bountiful star systems in the region. Expansion can be achieved through a combination of peaceful occupation and use of military resources to seize enemy outposts and to protect your own. A variety of alien species are native to the newly-charted sectors; earning their loyalty will go a long way towards claiming a victory. Diverse Events can be used to further your goals in a number of ways.

Your overall objective in the game is to score the most points at the game’s end. Points are mainly earned for building colonies in the many star systems of varying value. Bonus points can be won by earning the loyalty of various alien species while satisfying their specific requirements.

Throughout the game you will need to support your colonization efforts with military strategy, which in turn will allow you to conquer valuable opposing colonies and thus score more points. Obtaining-and keeping-alien loyalties will be an important factor in determining a winner, and the diverse Event cards can be used to further your goals in a number of ways.

Game highlights:

  • Concise and easy-to-understand rule set.
  • Fast turns.
  • Modular board and many different ways to score.
  • Balance peaceful and military strategies.
  • Innovative game mechanics.
  • Five different Alien Species and exciting Events such as Rebellions, Surprise Attacks and Cultural Takeovers.
  • Great illustrations and box art that really stands out.

Rules: Galaxy’s Edge features a concise and easily understood rule set. The 12 page game manual contains detailed examples for each rule as well as colorful illustrations and descriptions of all game elements.

Replayability: The modular board and a variety of alien species to align with provide endless replayability.

Strategic Depth: A multitude of strategies and counter-strategies are available. No two games ever feel the same.

Luck is limited to the Event cards and placement of the building bans.

Contents of the Box:

  • 30 Sector Tiles
  • 80 Military Bases
  • 4 Ban Markers
  • 4 Flagships
  • 80 Colonies
  • 5 Loyalty Pledges
  • 28 Event Cards
  • 1 Event Die
  • Rulebook

Playing Time: An average game rarely lasts for more than one hour.

Number of Players: 3-4 players.

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