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Anna Burago
Anna (Ania) Burago teaches Mathematics and Programming at the Academy. She received her first degree in Mathematics from St Petersburg's State University, Russia. Teaching extracurricular mathematics is her hobby. She was involved with Mathematical Circles (either as a student or as a teacher) for the most part of her life.
Anna got her Master's Degree in Mathematics from the University of Washington, Seattle. Since this time she has been working as a software developer. Currently, she is on track in getting her M.S. degree in Computer Science from University of Washington.
Anna, together with Sasha Gil and  Andrei Burago  started their first Seattle Math Circle in 2002.

Andrei Burago

Andrei Burago teaches Mathematics and Programming at the Academy. He received his degree in Mathematics from St Petersburg's State University, Russia. During his school years, Andrei was a math. circles student. He also successfully competed in various Russian mathematical  Olympiads.
He currently works as a Senior Computer Scientist in Adobe. He is also a seasoned board games designer and publisher.

Andrei is the lead teacher of  both mathematics and programming classes of our senior class.

Sasha Gil

Sasha (Alexander) Gil participated in math circles since he turned 12 — first as a student and later as a teacher. His highest student award was first degree diploma of XIX All-Union Olympiad of School Students (1985, USSR). After graduating from St. Petersburg Mathematical School #239 he has earned his master degree at the mathematical department of St. Petersburg State University. He has been a professional software development engineer since then. His first job was at at Transas Marine, Russia. For the past 10 years he has been employed at Microsoft, US. He is married and has two grown up sons. He likes traveling, spending time with old friends and downhill skiing.

Luba Malkina

Luba Malkina teaches Mathematics at the Academy. She received her degree in mathematics from St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Luba is especially interested in early and gifted education, teaching methodologies and techniques.

She also coached the math teams for various math contests in elementary and middle school. Luba had been a math teacher and tutor for several years and is currently employed as a Senior Math Curriculum Developer at Reasoning Mind. Inc.

Gergei Malkin

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Alexander Vaschillo

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Dmitry Vassilevsky

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